Spring Cleaning and Some Touch-ups (OpenCalais)

A New OpenCalais Release On the Way

In just about one month we’re going to open up the next release of OpenCalais for beta testing. While the upgrade should be 100% backwards compatible – it’s worth setting aside a little time for testing as well as exploring some new features.

What’s Coming?

Under the covers there are a number of improvements to our processing pipeline. As an end user you won’t see these – but they set the stage for greater flexibility in the future.

On the user-facing side of the equation you’ll see a number of new entities, facts and events related primarily to politics and intra and international conflict. Doesn’t look like either of those will be going away soon – so we thought they were worth implementing. You’ll see new information in candidates, Party Affiliations, Arms Purchases and a number of others.

In addition to these new items, we’ve also enhanced our SocialTags feature for greater accuracy – in fact, you’ll see a number of accuracy improvements across the board.

Next Steps

So – set aside a little time for a quick test in about a month. If you care about elections and conflict – take a look at the new features. We’ll run the beta for approximately a month to gather any issues and will roll out into production following that.

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