“News Ninjas” and Cryptic Twitter Posts

A few days ago I tweeted that I was building a team of News Ninjas and was looking for candidates with a good mix of news (newspaper or broadcast) and technology capabilities. That was sufficiently cryptic to generate a few questions – now I’ll try to give a few answers.

We want to hire several great people! Now!

I’m in the market to hire (yes, in response to *many* inquiries, with actual real dollars and desks and benefits and all that stuff and in response other inquiries – yes OpenCalais is involved but we’re going way beyond just that) a small team of news passionate people to help us with our mission to transform the Reuters News Agency into the next generation partner for our clients.

For well over 150 years Reuters has been a leading provider of news to the world. Our customers cover the globe and include broadcasters and newspapers from gigantic to mid-sized. We provide them with a full range of media including text, images, video and still photography. That’s our core and our heritage – and we’ll be working hard over the next few years to expand and improve on it.

But – there are more opportunities to deliver value to our clients. The news industry is changing dramatically – and we believe we have the opportunity to offer an increased range of services and products to help make our clients successful. In some cases these new capabilities will benefit just our clients – in others we hope to leverage our investments to benefit the news industry as a whole. We know some of what we need to get built and we’re engaging with our clients, prospects, advisers and the community as a whole to understand where there might be additional opportunities.

We’re Getting ready to do New & Cool Stuff

Obviously I can’t talk about specifics in a public forum (at least not yet) – but we’re looking at solutions that range from archive monetization to more flexible content syndication to better newsroom workflow capabilities to tools to enable investigative journalism – basically anything that helps improve our customer’s business.

What do we need to get all of that done? The answer is pretty simple: we need great people that understand the business and the technology that we can bring to bear. That’s what I’m looking for. In these positions you’ll be a member of a team inventing and responding to potential business propositions / capabilities, evaluating them in the marketplace, building, delivering and evangelizing them – basically from concept to execution. Our list of requirements is pretty straightforward:

- You need experience in the news industry – broadcast or newspapers – online/digital is a big plus
- You need to have some technical background. It’s important our team members bridge the business / technology gulf themselves
- You have a diversity of experience. You’ve played different roles in different projects.
- You can work as a member of a team. Really. I mean it.
- You’re comfortable with and have a track record in public-facing evangelism of your ideas.
- You’re (probably) already located in NYC
- You know how to get things done – by managing, leading and pitching in and working yourself

That’s it.

If you’d like to be considered (and I promise to carefully read every CV submitted) please go here and drop an application. This is one place where we need to follow the process – I’m happy to answer questions via email address below – but applications need to come through the machine.  If you don’t think you are a candidate yourself but would like to pass along a name please drop me a note at ttague@gmail.com. Please feel to drop questions there as well.

Big changes are coming. Come make it happen with us.


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